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Escursions to Tiscali village

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An excursion that combines a discovery tour, silence and unspoilt nature and that brings the visitor back to the dawn of history.

When the weather is fine, especially in springtime, when the Lanaitho Valley sheds the fragrance of asphodels and junipers and the surrounding limestone faces take on unrepeatable colours - according to the day and the daytime -, then an excursion to the Village of Lanaitho is worthwhile.

the remnants of a settlement of the late nuraghic era are situated in a karstic sinkhole. You can see Its little huts which are distributed below the ridge of the dolina after a hike of one hour over rocky peaks. Ragged rocks seem to keep a jealous watch over this interesting place of discovery. in fact, if you want to reach it – approaching from oliena -, you must pass through a narrow cleft that allows only one person after another to pass through.

In the past, this position made the village easily defendable against potential invasors. It makes us think that the location was the result of a carefully considered strategic choice in order to protect the village against assaults of hostile tribes. This supposition is confirmed by a kind of “natural window” , a huge opening in one of the walls of the sinkhole that dominates the entire valley. It allowed a continuous and strict watch so that nobody - climbing up from the valley of the cedrino river - could approach its most accessible entrance without being seen.

take the hiking trail that leads along the peaks that dominate the whole plateau. It offers magnificent views over an unspoilt landscape that appeals to our imagination so that we can fancy how this spot of land might have looked like in prehistoric times. towards the coastline, the silence and the depth of field mackle with splendid plays of colours. If you look towards the interior, you will notice that the horizon blends with a succession of limestone agglomerates that – depending on the siting - are covered with the dark green colour of holm oaks. The panorama will touch the visitor to the quick so that he will feel amazement and emotion at the same time, something that will hardly ever happen again in similar circumstances.


Sardinia’s flora plays an important part as regards the ancient spell of this enchanting spot. Rapt with its natural fragances, you won’t become tired of sighting it thanks to the continuously varying route, The ravines, couloirs and caves. Finally you will arrive at excavation sites that bear witness to the presence of prehistoric cultures.

it will be very interesting for enthusiasts of botany to devote their time to the whole vegetation that can be found in this area, so very rich in particular typologies, rare and endemic plants, some of which are exclusively native to this marvellous valley.

When: In summer, it is recommended to start in the early morning. In sringtime and in autumn, the excursion is pleasant even in the afternoon hours.

Length of time: normally it Doesn’t take more than half a day. The climbing takes 1½ hours.

Difficulty: easy to do.

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