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Gola Gorropu

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In the mountains of the Supramonte, surrounded by thick forests and wonderful oleander, there is Italy’s and Europe’s most imposing natural abyss: the Gorges of Su Gorropu, also called Europe’s Grand Canyon.

Trekking Trail Gorroppu The gorge of Gorroppu is an immense cleft that separates the mountain crest of the Silana Coast from the cliffs of the Oddeo mountain.

This difficult track leads over steep slate slopes and across wide holm oak forests with green and thick undershrubs and protruding extraordinary specimen of lilac. Here is the undisputed kingdom of the wild boar, which finds in these areas its ideal habitat: ferns, blackberry bushes, mastic trees, huge strawberry trees, and several types of heather make it difficult to proceed.

The forest slowly thins out and, suddenly, in a curve of the valley, the magnificent entrance appears: inside the canyon, among white boulders, which have been smoothed and rounded by wind and water, runs the river Flumineddu. It seems as if enormous rock bastions had been placed at both sides of this immense cleft in order to defend it and to warn the wanderer of the imperviousness of the place. Everywhere one can discover grottoes and caves full of secrets and legends. Often you can encounter big birds like the vulture, which will certainly attract your attention with its hoarse call. The afternoon sun hardly penetrates the narrow slit between the steep faces of the gorge, forming strange lighting effects - that refract in the highest walls of the gorge – and creating a quite unreal atmosphere: to the wanderer it seems to be in a huge cathedral that was erected by an admirable architect in honour of a nature that is now as unspoilt as it was at the beginning of the world.

Lengthof time: 3.5 for the journey there

Travel distance: 7 kilometres for the journey there

Admission fee: € 2.50 - € 5.00

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