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The Voice and The Wind caves

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The cave is situated at the beginning of the river bed of the “Sa’ Oche River”, which rises from the overflowing waters of the cave’s subterranean lake. It is connected by a natural siphon with the cave “Su Bentu” (“The Wind”) situated higher up.

This karstic system is internationally renowed not only because of its spectacular concretions, but also because of its internal hydrological system.

This is how it works: during rainfall, the water vein that supplies the little lakes of “Su Bentu” with water swells and fills up the lake of the cave “Sa Oche” by means of a siphon. The sound produced by the air that is pressed by the water has given birth to many a legend. There are even persons who are able to calculate how much time the water takes to arrive at the second cave after the beginning of the blowing sound.

After heavy and sudden rainfalls, enormous masses of water press the air into the cave’s deep meanderings, compress it and let it come out with a powerful blowing and a deafening crash.

How to get there

The caves are situated in the “Lanaittu” Valley. Take the road that leads to the valley and then turn right into the road that takes to the nuraghic village of “Sa Sedda e Sos Carros”: Close behind it, there is an area where you can park you car, a few steps from the house called "Rifugio" , the headquarters of the Speleological Society.

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Additional Info

  • latitude: 40.25676
  • longitude: 9.48573
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