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Cala Gonone - Cala Luna

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Scenic paths lead down a descent of moderate difficulty from the Supramonte to Cala Luna. Along the route you can meet all kinds of animals.

a demanding and very adventurous route that includes the way there on foot and the way back by boat (last departure 5:30 p.m.).

Don’t forget – in case of an emergency - the telephone number of the boat-taxi (cielomar, 0784/920014, €uro 25) that can take you from Cala Luna and bring you back to cala Gonone in a mere 15 minutes.

We discourage you from returning to Cala Gonone on foot along the path that is not driveable by bike and very lumpy ( two hours wheeling the bicycle).

The excursion snakes its way along magnificent paths that lead from the Supramonte down to the sea, offering beautiful views onto the sea.

Very long stretches of gravel roads, all sorts of animal species, a fantastic stony trail and a wonderful, moderately difficult descent down to the sea, where you can rest before returning.

Length: 58 kilometres

Altitude difference: 1,000 metres

Advice: Start very early in order to avoid cycling under the midday-sun and avoid the days with a high risk of forest fires.

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